Peppermint Essential Oil 1/2oz

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mentha piperita

Source: USA

Aroma: Peppermint has a highly penetrating, grassy-mint camphoraceous aroma.

Extraction: The essential oil is made by steam distillation from the flowering herb.

Benefits: Peppermint is associated with cleanliness. In Ayurvedic aromatherapy it has the property to feel cold on hot diseases, and hot on cold diseases. It can cool fever, and heat cold and contracted muscles. It is a most powerful oil to open and clear the respiratory tract. It has a strong analgesic property that will calm pain such as wasp stings plus other pains. It can be very useful on bruises, as it will stop the collapse of tissue a few moments after impact. It has good anti-itching characteristics, and can be used in vegetable oils to relieve the itch. Good for headaches.

Blends: Peppermint blends well with Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, and most spice oils.